What Is the Best Time to Start Filing for Your Taxes?

Miami Tax Consultants

Miami Tax Consultants

Here at Kerr Koncepts, our Miami tax consultants are focused on combining our accounting, business consulting practices, processes, and methodologies to offer our customers  the best strategic approach to achieving their business objectives.

When it comes to your business, Kerr Koncepts prepares all corporate returns – from the simplest corporation to controlled groups, SCorp, Partnerships, Estate and trusts, and tax exempt organizations. We understand that effective tax planning is crucial. Our Miami tax consultants will analyze tax implications of a given transaction, and recognize, and resolve any potential tax problems. Kerr Koncepts and their Miami tax consultants team also prepares multi-state individual and/or business fiduciary returns.  

Personal Tax Services

If you’re looking for personal tax services, Kerr Koncepts has Miami tax consultants to also help prepares all ranges of individual tax returns (1040′s), while establishing the amounts of taxable income and credits for clients. Decisions are based on the particular circumstance of each individual taxpayer. We determine tax due or refund owed, as well as review payments of estimated taxes, ensuring tax payments and income tax withheld from wages are sufficient to avoid penalties. Having worked so many years in this industry helps us understand your worries. We absolutely understand that you need as much as you can possibly get out of your return. There are so many expenses in today’s time of life and we want to place ourselves in your shoes, while also advocating for you.

Tax Filing Procedures

Okay, so first of all! It’s always best to file your taxes sooner rather than later. As soon as the time-window opens, be brave and go ahead. So many Americans painfully dread filing their taxes, but you don’t have to be one of them. Kerr Koncepts processes Refund Transfers (RTs), which provides clients with the ability to receive refunds by check or deposited directly into their bank account. This transaction generally takes between 7 – 10 days. Fees can be automatically deducted from these proceeds, saving the hassle of paying tax preparation fees up-front. Refund Anticipation Loan (RAL) will no longer be offered after the 2010 tax filing season. This is based on direct instruction by the FDIC.

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