What Are Income Tax Returns? What Forms Are Needed for This?

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Income tax forms are are the official government documents you’re required to fill out when you pay your taxes. Generally speaking, those with more complex finances will have to fill out more tax forms. The most common tax forms are the IRS Form 1040, 1040A and 1040EZ. Although they are often modeled after the federal forms, each state and city creates their own tax forms. Because of the fact that these forms are required by law and so necessary, Kerr Koncepts has created an expert team of tax professionals in Miami to reach out to whoever may be in need of help.  


Required Income Tax Forms

The required income tax forms vary for each individual and their situation, but some of the different forms are listed below.

  • W-2 Form
  • W-2G Form
  • 1097 – BTC
  • 1098
  • 1098-C
  • 1098 – E
  • 1098 – MA
  • 1098 – T
  • 1099 – A


Kerr Koncepts, a team of tax professionals in Miami, prepares all ranges of individual tax returns (1040′s), while also establishing the amounts of taxable income and credits for clients. The decisions we make are consistently based on the particular circumstance of each individual taxpayer. We determine tax due and/or refund owed. We also review payments of estimated taxes, in order to ensure that tax payments and income tax withheld from wages are sufficient to avoid any potential penalties.


Tax Services in Miami

The mission of Kerr Koncept’s tax professionals in Miami is to combine their accounting, business consultation practices, and processes to deliver the absolute best and most efficient service. We aim to do everything possible in order to help each and every customer reach their goals and objectives. We’re here to meet your needs. In offering assistance to you, we also place great importance of integrity and affordability. Our core values are to keep moral conduct and honesty, to maintain loyalty, and to offer compassionate understanding. Our tax professionals in Miami provide quality customer care and excellent customer service.

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