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A STRONG iconic public presence achieves what no other part of the marketing mix can for the success of any business. And while today’s technology allows for tactical changes in product presentation and labeling to meet the challenges in a constantly changing, highly competitive marketplace, the corporate symbol must maintain the kind of stable, well defined distinctness that will stand the test of time.

The design department at Kerr Koncepts understands the fine distinction between the critical long term vision required to achieve the timelessness of the one, and the creative flexibility that responds to the challenges of the other. We work with our clients to create the corporate identity package that will distill the essence of their company’s vision and serve to establish a positive recognition among target consumers and beyond, as well as product branding that will capture the imagination of the consumer.

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Graphic Design • Website Design • Logo • Business Cards • Stationary • Presentation Templates • Signage • Brochures & Mail out material • Flyers • Banners • Labels • Package Designs • Annual Reports, etc.

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