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Do You Need Employment Tax Assistance?


Employment Tax Services In our present days the business environment is making a lot of changes. The companies are experiencing difficulty to stay on top of the finances while handling everything else within the company. Do not worry, we absolutely understand that it can be a difficult […]

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What are payroll taxes? How can Kerr Koncepts benefit you?


Payroll Tax Services The processing of payroll can not only be time consuming but very delicate. The last couple of years, people and small business owners have opted to do their own processing of payroll at home, and avoid any Payroll Tax Services. The big problem is […]

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Need quick and easy payroll services? Call Kerr Koncepts today!


Payroll Service Providers in Miami We know it can be kind of stressful to manage the task of paying your employees on time, the laws and the IRS. Something so delicate can become a nightmare and very time consuming for you and your business. While business owners […]

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Are You Self-Employed? Let Us Help You With Your Taxes!

Self Employment Taxes

Self Employment Taxes Are you starting your own business? Then get ready to pay the Self Employment Taxes. Our professionals who work on Self Employment Taxes will provide everything you need in order to prepare your tax return, make smart tax decisions, and get your biggest tax […]

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Does Getting Married Affect Your Taxes? Find out Now!

Marriage Taxes

Marriage Taxes You have finally tied the knot, but you still need help with deciding how to deal with your taxes. When it comes to your Marriage Taxes, you definitely do not want to be having any issues. There are some specific tax considerations for married filers, […]

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Joint or Separate Tax Returns During a Divorce: Which Is Best for You?

Divorce Tax Filing

Divorce Tax Filing Would you like some help in dealing with tax filing through your divorce? Regardless of whatever circumstances life throws at you, we understand that your finances still need to remain in order. And our Divorce Tax Filing experts are absolutely here to help you […]

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Are Your Kids Ready to Go to College? Let Us Help You Be Ready to Apply for Financial Aid!

Financial Aid Consultants in Miami

Financial Aid Consultants in Miami Are you a parent with a teenager who is ready to go off to College soon? Allow our Financial Aid Consultants in Miami to help ease your worries and give you the best plan for your needs.     Financial aid consultants […]

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What Are the Consequences of Not Filing Your Taxes on Time?

Tax Preparers in Miami

Tax Preparers in Miami Are you filing for your tax refund late? Did you miss the deadline to pay your taxes? You unfortunately do  receive a penalty for not filing your tax return before the deadline. However, you don’t get a penalty if you’re only filing for […]

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Is This Your First Year Filing for Taxes? Here Is What to Expect!

Tax Accountants in Miami

Tax Accountants in Miami Your first time doing anything is always going to be challenging. Rather than allowing yourself to get discouraged or stressed out, call our professional tax accountants in Miami at 305-387-5880. You are not really sure what to expect, how to do everything correctly, […]

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What Is the Importance of a 1098-T Form? How Can It Benefit Your Financial Aid?

Tuition Assistance in Miami

Tuition Assistance in Miami The 1098-T Form is the Tuition Statement that eligible educational institutions file for each student they enroll and for whom a reportable transaction is made. Insurers file this form for each individual to whom they made reimbursements or refunds of qualified tuition and […]

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