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Avoid School Taxes with These Tips!

Tax Preparation Services in Miami

Tax Preparation Services in Miami Student Tax Preparation College teaches valuable lessons whether you know it or not. These valuable lessons are useful in the real-world. For example, turning in late assignments in college leads to consequences. Are you one to procrastinate and turn in your assignments […]

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Starting a Business? Here Are a Few Ways We Can Help With Your Taxes!

Tax Services in Miami

Tax Services in Miami Are you planning on starting your own business? Starting a business requires a lot of hard work, dedication, and organization. At Kerr Koncepts, we want to make all of our customers happy by making their lives easier. For a business owner, having the […]

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What Is a Social Security Retirement Fund? How Does It Work?

Best Tax Consultant Miami

Best Tax Consultant Miami What is a Retirement Fund? How are you planning to receive money after you retired? How will you be receiving income for retirement? A retirement fund is a sum of contributions done by both employees and employers during their time of employment to […]

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Running out of Time to File Your Taxes? Find out How We Can Help!

Miami Personal Tax Service

Miami Personal Tax Service April 2015 Taxes As we know, April 15 is the deadline to file for taxes and more often than not, people are running late with their filings and tend to rush through the process in order to make it on time. Since Kerr […]

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